If you are looking for me, I'll be at Tod's Point!
It is officially SUMMER!
If you want to reminiscence about Pre K 3,
check out our website.
There are 3,462 pictures posted highlighting our amazing year!
Have a wonderful, safe and fun filled summer.
School's Out For the Summer....
Pre K 3 did am AMAZING job this morning.
We are beyond proud of our...
Pre K 4 Friends!!!
Yes, they are no longer in Pre K 3.
PreK 3 Field Day!
Thank you to Mr. Smart and Mr. Ronca for a fun day!
We loved the potato sack races, the running races, the ball runs,
the egg balance relays, and the Statue of Liberty game.
Thank you to all the family members that participated.
Please check the website for pictures!
Thank you to Gabey's big brother, Joe, 
for being our last Mystery Reader in Pre K 3!
He did a great job reading, The Very Busy Spider.
He was so surprised at how well Pre K 3 behaved!
He complimented the children, and said they sat better than his classmates, rising second graders!
Kids say the darndest things!
Mr. Mascola was our Mystery Reader today!
He read a wonderful story called, Amazing Grace.
The story was about a girl named Grace, who was raised and taught to believe she could do anything.
It is a very special message to instill in our children, 
they can do anything they set their minds to!
Happy Early Birthday John!!!
Thank you to John's Mommy for visiting and bringing yummy marshmallow treats for our tummies!
They were a hit!
The children also love their Hot Wheels cars; but,
more importantly, they love celebrating each other!
Happy Early Birthday to Sydney!
We celebrated Sydney's July birthday with her Mommy, Daddy, and a yummy birthday cake!
We loved hearing "Happy Birthday" in Hungarian. 
5th Grade Buddies!!!
Pre K 3 had so much fun playing soccer, catch and
Duck, Duck, Goose with our buddies.
The 5th graders are so kind and sweet to their little friends.
Pre K 3 is so lucky!
Agostino's whole family came to be our Mystery Readers today!
We loved the story, Llama Llama Loves to Read.
We also enjoyed a lovely snack together.
Thank you to Henry's big sister and Mommy for being our 
Mystery Readers today! They tag teamed and read:
There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.
We love having guests to read to us and have snack with in Pre K 3.
Pre K 3 loved crafting and snacking with our Mommies today.
We hope all the Mommies loved their corsages,
beautiful new jewelry, and colorful pasta artwork.
Thank you for sharing your babies with GCS!
Pre K 3 finally celebrated our Mommies!
Thank you for sharing some time with us this morning.
We loved having you visit and showing you how much we love you!
Thank you to Jack's big sister for being our Mystery Reader!
She did an amazing job reading I Broke my Trunk!
Happy 4th Birthday to Gabey!
Thank you to Mrs. Arthmire for coming to visit and reading
Maisy Grows a Garden.
Thank you for our yummy donut treats!
Row, Row, Row Your Boat!
PE class was so much fun today!
We tried to keep our boats afloat while "cannonballs" were fired at us!
The scuba divers kept throwing cannonballs to their team mates.