High School Matriculation

When GCS students complete their 8th-grade year, they are prepared to embrace new challenges with the character traits and skills they have practiced and honed all along their journey here. It is no surprise that admission officers at the most competitive high schools appreciate what GCS graduates bring to their new schools—as active participants, faithful friends, committed students, generous community members, and effective collaborators. And having advanced through the full sequence of the GCS experience, students know themselves well. They know their strengths, what skills they want to improve, what areas they want to pursue. They are well-positioned to participate fully in their high school selection process and are equipped to choose the right next step at the right time.

GCS values the accomplishments of every one of our students and aims to help identify the best-fit high school for each one. Our secondary school counseling program begins with a conversation with Assistant Principal Ledley and laying out a road map that leads to high school matriculation.

The process unfolds much like any other assignment at GCS because our 8th graders are ready.

2022 High Schools