Faith In Action

Faith is the constant lens through which we experience daily life at GCS. We think of ourselves not as a good school that is Catholic but as a great school because we are Catholic. Our Catholic identity is the primal element of who we are as individuals and as a teaching and learning community. It is at the core of our mission, always guiding our thoughts and actions.

Religious education and catechesis in the Catholic faith are central throughout the curriculum, across all grades. Christ is ever-present. As children navigate the world’s complex moral landscape, they learn to embrace their faith and find strength in God’s love. They develop their own personal relationships with God through reflection and study—relationships that will support them throughout their lives. 

At Greenwich Catholic School, we cherish our ability to discuss our values together and we encourage and expect our children to live out those values every day. As in all things, practice makes perfect, so students have daily opportunities to build on their faith and demonstrate their progress.

● Daily prayers are led by 8th-grade students at the beginning and end of each day, and by each class before and after meals.
● Every classroom has a prayer table for individual reflection.
● Our First Friday Masses, Grade Level Masses, Holy Day Masses, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are celebrated throughout the year as an entire GCS community. 
● Each month we celebrate a Virtue of the Month, encouraging children to model the virtue in their daily lives, and recognizing students who have excelled in their practice. 
● Our students have daily religion classes, including sacrament preparation.
● Extra-curricular activities like the Praise & Worship Musical Group, help students incorporate their faith into other areas of interest.