Uniform Policy


Greenwich Catholic School has historically subscribed to standards of male and female dress within the Catholic

All uniforms, including gym uniforms, must be properly labeled with full names.

Students are required to wear the mandatory uniform without substitution. Parents are asked to be sure students are completely in uniform, whether in Full Dress Uniform or in Regular Uniform before leaving for school each day. If a student is out of uniform, the parent will be notified. Repeated violations will result in after-school detentions or suspension.


Hair must be the natural color with no highlights, extensions, etc. and uniforms must be neat and clean.


All shirts must be clean and tucked in and no blousing is allowed. A brown or brown belt must be worn with the shorts and pants. Pants should be hemmed so that the bottoms do not drag on the floor. Jumpers must be mid-knee at all times and be altered with a 3” hem to allow for growth. Any leggings must be worn with a long-length top.


A note is required to excuse a student, not in proper uniform. GCS uses two vendors, Lands’ End and Dennis Uniform, for the entire school. FULL DRESS UNIFORM IS REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS in Grades K-8 at all Liturgies and for all formal occasions.


Greenwich Catholic School has a Uniform Exchange Program located in a labeled closet in the cafeteria. Donations are accepted.

The uniform violation process is as follows:

First offense: Verbal warning from a teacher with an email sent to parents and Dean of Students.
Second offense: After-school detention (ASD)and a phone call to parents.
Third offense: Two ASDs as well as suspension from any Athletics or Afters activities.

A meeting will be set up at GCS with Administration, Parents, and the Student to discuss.