Childcare (After-school)

When the school day ends at 3:00 PM but your job keeps you at the office until 5:00, or when your 7th grader finishes his athletic practice at 4:30 but your 2nd grader was done at 3:00, GCS offers an essential after-school solution. The same care that goes into the regular academic day, goes into an after-school program that gives parents flexibility and an important sense of security. Children can have a quiet space to do homework, indoor and outdoor space to run around, and meaningful time to socialize with friends. Whether using After School Childcare for a convenient carpooling solution, a way to coordinate pickup for children with different dismissal schedules, or expanded social opportunities for your child, After-school Childcare takes the stress out of the end of the day.

Regular school days: After-school – 6:00 PM (PreK pick-up by 5:30 PM)
Early dismissal days: School closing - 3:00 PM, unless otherwise specified
$20.00 per hour per child for PreK
$15.00 per hour per child for K-8

Late Pick-Up Fees
PreK: $25.00 per half hour after 5:30 PM
K-8: $25.00 per half hour after 6:00 PM
Early Dismissal Days: $25 for every five minutes beyond 3:00 PM

Please contact Mr. Mascola at [email protected]  or Mrs. Collins at [email protected] for more information or click here to register your child for After-school Childcare.