Room Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Room Parent! 

The Room Parent sign-up form is not yet open - Please stay tuned to enews.
Room Parent Guidelines

  • One parent per family may serve as a Room Parent for only one grade in a given year.
  • There shall be two Room Parents in a given class unless otherwise approved by the Administration.
  • At least one Room Parent from each class is required to attend the monthly meeting of the PA.  Attendance is taken at all meetings.  Attendance is required so that Room Parents may stay informed of what is happening each month.  In the event that neither Room Parent from a particular classroom can attend a given PA meeting, the Room Parents should advise the PA Board and should make sure that they read a copy of the minutes to familiarize themselves with the matters discussed.  
  • Room Parents must attend the Room Parent orientation.  This orientation is meant to give guidance on what the job of the Room Parent entails and what is expected of them as well as provide details on how to use Sign Up Genius.
  • Room Parents must contact the class teacher as soon as possible after the Room Parent orientation to discuss expected classroom responsibilities for the year.  This might include a list of expected activities, parties, field trips/chaperones, library and music class volunteers, mystery readers, and any other ways in which the Room Parent might be of assistance to the teacher.
  • Create volunteer sign-ups through Sign Up Genius for all activities as were decided in your teacher meeting and verify email information for each parent.
  • Room Parents are NOT to solicit any funds from parents without express consent from the Administration.  Similarly, parents may NOT initiate any such collection of funds without prior approval from the Administration.  Additionally, the Faculty Liaison Committee will recognize all teachers on behalf of the parent body throughout the year and during Teacher Appreciation week in the spring.  
  • Emails to class parents may be required during the course of the school year to advise parents of any information as requested by the teacher or the PA President.  It is recommended that one Room Parent in the classroom be responsible for all emails throughout the year in the lower school and one Room Parent per grade in the Upper School for continuity of information.  Please be sure to BCC the list of parents when emailing the class.  Room Parents are required to check email daily.  If Room Parents are unavailable to check and send emails on any given day, they must ensure a backup is available.
  • Promote all PA activities within your classrooms.
  • Siblings may be brought to school but must be supervised at all times.
  • The Diocese of Bridgeport Policy on Sexual Misconduct and the Code of Conduct must be read by every parent and a signed acknowledgment form is kept on file with the Business Office.  In addition, all parents who wish to volunteer must participate in Virtus Training as outlined by the Diocese of Bridgeport.  
  • All volunteers must sign in at the Main Office and wear a visitor sticker while on the school premises.