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Classroom Information

We the kids of Mrs Grall's class.....
In order to learn and have fun we will follow the rules and be kind to one another. We will take care of one another and be a good friend.  We will be free to learn, have fun, and have friends.  We will make our parents, our school, and our teacher proud.  We declare this our class of 4C at Greenwich Catholic School
Students should be able to complete homework in 30-45 minutes.  If your child is spending an hour or more each evening on homework, please bring this to my attention.
Homework is expected to be done when it is assigned.  Most assignments will be completed in one evening and turned in the next day.  Major tests will be announced in advance providing ampletime to study.
Some homework projects, such as reports, take several days to complete.  For long term assignments, due dates will always be provided so children will know exactly when the assignment is due and how long they have to complete the work.
Consequences for a student not having completed homework will be based on frequency of missing homework assignments.  Some consequences maybe receiving a zero on the assignment or an email/call home.  
Students are responsible for copying assignments accuratley to the white board into their agenda books, and for remembering to take home all books and materials needed to complete their homework.  PLEASE ask to see your child's agenda book every school night.  Go over the entries with your child and initialize the entries daily when your child has completed them.
Parents are encouraged to look over homework and offer help when needed.  Please write on papers if you feel it would be helpful for me to know your child had difficulty with an assignment.  
Fourth grade for your child is a stepping stone for your child to become an independent worker.
Today and Tomorrow SLlip
It is very rare that I have to send home a "Today and Tomorrow Slip".  It will list the behavior it warranted for the slip to be sent home.  Both the parent and teacher are expected to sign it.  An email will be sent home stating that the slip was given, it is your child's responsibility what has occurred to you.