Ms. Rebecca Steck, GCS Head of School

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Greenwich Catholic! It is my privilege to be the leader of this wonderful school family.

Here at Greenwich Catholic our team of faculty and staff are deeply committed to serving the needs of every child through a personalized learning experience. Our mission is to work together with parents and guardians to mold students to have a strong faith foundation, become intellectually curious, and who are socially and emotionally equipped through a rigorous and innovative curriculum focused on faith, critical thinking, responsibility, and service.

As the Head of School, it is my responsibility to ensure that we are providing the best environment for all students. Our expectations for student behavior and academic achievement are high. We strive every single day to teach our students to be kind, thoughtful citizens who set high academic standards for themselves. Our outstanding faculty and staff are role models of faith and personal growth. They love our students and create a nurturing environment in their classrooms for each child to thrive. 

We are blessed to have Mr. Patrick Ledley, our Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, who leads and empowers our teachers to think creatively and constructively about every minute of precious instructional time. Our students grow to be lifelong learners.

Our athletics and after school programs are thriving and help to create the well-rounded student that we want our graduates to be. Mr. Vincent Mascola, our Dean of Students, strives to offer as many opportunities for our student athletes as possible. Our students also stay after school to engage in our many programs including swimming, cooking, karate, and personal finance, just to name a few.

Our Greenwich Catholic family stretches throughout many cities in Connecticut and New York. It is noteworthy that local Westchester County school districts provide free transportation to our school here in Greenwich. Our reach is far and wide which is something that makes us unique, yet emphasizes the importance of our mission at GCS. 

I hope you take the time to peruse our website or feel free to give me a call. I love talking about our school and want nothing more than to have more awesome kids experience everything that GCS has to offer!