About Me

Hello! My name is Chris Waller and my position here at GCS is the Director of Special Services. This is my fourth year working at this wonderful school and I feel blessed to be here and to have the opportunity of working with the students and staff.

I have been involved in education for over forty years - working as a special education teacher, a special ed department chairperson, and an educational evaluator. In these positions I have worked in the NYC school system, the Greenburgh School District in White Plains NY,  the Chappaqua School District in NY, the Ridgefield School District in CT, and even abroad at the International School of Geneva! 

In my role here at GCS I assist in identifying those students who may be struggling and in need of some sort of special support in the areas of academics, speech & language, or counseling. Our process in determining which students may need something more begins with a student referral either submitted by a parent or by the student’s teacher. From there, a Child Study Team (CST) meeting would be scheduled where the child’s school performance would be examined and observations by both parents and staff shared. Parents are encouraged to submit any outside testing and recent evaluations they may have on their son or daughter. If it is decided that a particular student is in need of support, a student accommodation plan (SAP) would be created. This plan would list specific accommodations and possible modifications and/or services written to help the student access the curriculum and succeed. Some of these students may need me to provide them individual academic support in reading, written expression, or mathematics.  

If for any reason you need to contact me, my number here at school is (203) 869-4000 ext.106.