Athletics are a fundamental component of the GCS educational experience. Aside from the enjoyment that comes from participating in sport, GCS student-athletes develop critical life skills and elements of good character. Self-esteem, physical aptitudes,social-emotional health, ethical behavior, teamwork, and a sense of social responsibility are all by-products of being a student-athlete here.  The value of participation in sportsis broad and life-long, as individuals learn how to create a cohesive unit while practicing essential organizational, time management, and leadership skills. GCS student-athletes are a source of great pride for our entire school community—while they are here and long after they graduate.  
Competitive Opportunities
The GCS athletic program prioritizes skill development—building sport specific expertise along with the social skills that help all athletes perform at their highest level. With an emphasis on participation, everyone plays at GCS. Students who might never have the opportunity to play on a team, can benefit from that singular experience here. That said, we recognize that some students are already pursuing a competitive sport and are looking for ways to meet more ambitious individual goals.

Intramural competition is available for those looking to expand their athletic participation in a low-stakes setting. Keeping score and measuring success in a
traditional way can improve skills and build friendships that last long after the final buzzer.

Interscholastic teams provide an increased level of competitiveness, skill development and game strategy in an age-appropriate modeling of a high school athletic program. Expectations are raised across the full spectrum of engagement, as students honor their commitment to their team, are accountable to others, and manage their time in a way that honors both student and athlete.
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