From an Alumni Parent:

"Through their formative years, our children received positive examples of how to live, love and learn in the Catholic faith." -GCS Alumni Parent

From a Fifth Grader:

"I am very grateful to attend Greenwich Catholic School. I am grateful for all the teachers who take their time to teach me. I should also be grateful for going to such a great Catholic school near me and having such a great education. Not only am I grateful for this amazing school, my parents are also grateful that I am going to this beautiful school. I love GCS and all of the people in it! I would never want to go to any other school."

From a Fifth Grader:

"I'm grateful to attend GCS because I have outstanding friends. they help me out and comfort me. Also, I have and had amazing teachers. It's fun to be at school too. I love to be part of the church. I go to confession there. I love being part of the school. At GCS you could do millions of things. It's just spectacular. I think GCS is the best school in history. It's a school filled with hope and joy. I think it's great here."

From a Fifth Grader:

"There are many reasons why I'm grateful to attend GCS. I'm very grateful because I get a great education. We all respect each other. Great teachers including my teacher. My school makes learning fun. We all care for each other. All the teachers believe in us. One of the best schools in Greenwich is GCS." -

From a member of the Class of 2022:

"I am always excited to go to school and learn. And I have developed relationships that will last a lifetime. We support each other and are always positive with each other."
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