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Faculty Friday: Mrs. Tatyana Novikova

Tatyana Novikova


Music Teacher, Grades PreK - 8


Education: B.A. in Music, Belarusian Conservatory of Music (now Belarusian Academy of Music). Masters Degree in Music, Belarusian Conservatory of Music.

What brought you to Greenwich Catholic School?

I grew up in Belarus and started playing the piano at age 6. Once I had completed my studies, I taught music at all ages and levels. After moving to the United States, I learned the English language and taught music at a private school in Fairfield County and instrumental music lessons in Stamford. In 2001, I came to Greenwich Catholic to as the school’s music teacher for every grade level.

How do you engage students at different grade levels?

There are two main areas in the study of music: Musical Theory and Musical Performance. Although the program becomes more complex at the higher grade levels, students at every level learn the basic elements of music, whether it’s a PreK group using their hands to discover simple beats, the Lower School learning about musical stories told through Peter & The Wolf or The Magic Flute, or Upper School students learning about more complex rhythms to create projects based on what a rhythm might “look like.”

How is the study of music integrated into the overall curriculum at GCS?

There is a strong relationship at all grade levels between Music and Social Studies. Our 7th graders are currently learning about music in the context of American History, specifically the time of the Revolution, including the Constitution Rap. Later this year, our 5th Graders will work on a music-focused STEAM project which incorporates the study of Bach and pipe organ designs.  I also work closely with the Religion teachers to plan our school Masses and to choose music that encourages the students to sing and participate.

Are there opportunities for students to perform at GCS?

Yes! The Christmas Performance has become a cherished annual tradition here, and each year we allow a few students, typically 8th Graders, to showcase their talents, including vocal, instrumental, and dance performances. In the spring, students in our GCS band, along with students who study violin and viola here, will share their talents with the student body. I encourage students to lead, but I also remind the students that every voice matters for the overall energy of a performance.

When you’re not at GCS, where can we find you?

I am an avid concert-goer and take full advantage of my memberships at the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall. I also enjoy local performances at the Greenwich Symphony and Stamford Symphony.

Who is your favorite composer?

I couldn’t possibly choose… I love them all!

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