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Faculty Friday: Mrs. Karen Meese

Mrs. Karen Meese


Third Grade Teacher


Education: B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Fairfield University; M.A. in Education Foundations, with a minor in Early Childhood Education, Fairfield University. Certified in CT for PreK - Grade 6.


How long have you been part of the GCS community?

Although I’ve been teaching for many years, this is my third year teaching at Greenwich Catholic School. Both of my sons are GCS alumni, so I have been part of the GCS family for a long time.


What’s your overall approach to teaching?

When I first started my teaching career, I received extensive training from  Bank Street College of Education, which introduced me to integrated curriculum development and blended learning, and it’s an approach I have used in my classroom ever since. Blended learning provides continuity between subject areas and allows students to explore new concepts and their relationships across all social sciences.

Does your class work on any unique projects?

We are just about to finish our Winter Solstice unit, in which the students study the scientific, religious and cultural significance of the solstice around the world and throughout history. We talk about ways that the solstice affected civilization and how different cultures viewed the importance of the sun. They also learned about the science behind seasons, day & night, and how different religious traditions relate to the timing of the solstice. The kids are excited about a “virtual field trip” we’ll take to visit Stonehenge during the solstice on December 21st.


What do you enjoy most about teaching 3rd Grade?

By third grade, students are ready to focus on Higher Order Thinking. They learn to evaluate, interpret and draw inferences about concepts. We work on fluency and comprehension, and I challenge them to make connections when reading and writing, which gives their writing a purpose. In math, they work on multiplication and division, and we talk about ways that different mathematical skills are related to each other. It’s important for my students to know that learning is all about patterns and relationships, and I enjoy finding ways to demonstrate that in our classroom.


What are your interests outside of the classroom?

I am an avid reader and also I love spending time in the kitchen working through new recipes and flavor palettes. Our sons are active in rowing, sailing and track, which keeps us busy, and my husband creates craft brews as a hobby, so you might also find us exploring different craft breweries when we get an opportunity.

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