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Faculty Friday: Mr. Phil Ronca

Mr. Phil Ronca


Physical Education Teacher, Grades 5-8; “Uniform Police” Chief


Education: A.G.E. (General Education), Elizabeth Seton College; B.A. in Education and Psychology, College of Mount Saint Vincent


When did you start teaching at GCS?

This is my 25th year teaching, and prior to coming to Greenwich Catholic three years ago, I had been a Physical Education teacher in a Catholic School in the Bronx for the majority of my career.


What’s your “Phil-osophy?”

I want my students to learn new skills, with a focus on “SFM”: Safety, Fun and Memories. It’s important to learn new skills, build on existing talent, and learn how to work together. And when students look back at my class, I want them to remember that they had fun together, with lessons in sportsmanship and team building.


What’s your approach to the Physical Education curriculum?

At this age, students come to class with different skill levels, and varying interests in sports. I like to give them an opportunity to try new games and skills, and to take different leadership roles within the teams. I also incorporate as many sports as possible into our classes, since we have beautiful fields for softball, baseball, soccer, with a full-size gymnasium where we can easily play basketball, mat ball and floor hockey without any space restrictions.

Do you coach any sports at GCS?

I am the JV coach for our boys and girls soccer teams, JV boys and girls basketball teams, and our softball program. I also love to teach the golf clinic in our Afters program in Fall and Spring. The older kids were able to play at The Griff last Spring, and it was exciting to see how well they did.


What are your qualifications as Chief of the “Uniform Police?”

I have a lot of pride in being part of the GCS community, so I think it’s important to encourage our students to feel the same way. One way to show school pride is by proudly wearing the GCS uniform. I believe in positive reinforcement, so I like being able to reward the kids when they wear the proper uniform, and to help them work toward the pizza party that we’re awarding to the “Best Dressed Class” in June. (Plus, I have a keen eye for fashion.)


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my wife and kids, playing as much golf as possible and watching the Dolphins with my daughter (even though they're losing). And sometimes I combine all of it by complaining to my wife and kids about the Dolphins and discussing the various reasons that I'm not on the golf course!

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