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GCS Participates in Distance Learning Week with NASA!

On November 7, Mrs. Barbieri's third grade class enjoyed a special opportunity to enter a live video session with NASA. Their class was able to learn their STEM short session on the sun. Lindsey Jones from the NASA Goddard Flight Center in Maryland taught the session. Mrs. Barbieri's class submitted their questions before and during the session. Fourteen of sixteen students had their questions answered during the live session. Ms. Jones highlighted Olivia and Aidan's questions during the feed. The students were very excited and engaged throughout the entire lesson. Even though space is not a primary focus in the third grade curriculum, Mrs. Barbieri feels learning about space, technology and STEM careers is important to future generations. She also wants to ignite curiousity and a love of learning in her students. The three main ideas our class learned is that "the sun is really big and really far away", "the sun is not the hottest star" and the "the sun is complex". Students learned facts to support these ideas. For example, the sun is 93 million miles away from the sun, the surface is about 10,000 degrees Farhenheit and blue and white stars are hotter than yellow stars. Students were also excited to learn about the upcoming solar eclipse on August of 2017 and how to prepare for it. Students were on the edge of their seat listening to see if their question would arise. They also enjoyed hearing questions from other students in the country who were tuning in.
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