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Faculty Spotlight - Ms. Gail Davidson

Ms. Gail Davidson

Fifth Grade Teacher 


Education:  Bachelor's Degree in Organization Communication with a minor in Sociology, Masters Degree in Elementary Education, K-6

What is your overall approach to teaching? 

When teaching, I try to engage students in such a way that they enjoy learning all types of topics.  I give explicit instruction while incorporating activities and group discussion to keep the students interested each day!


How do you encourage the “love” of school?

I encourage my students to become engaged, to discuss and contribute to our lessons so that they feel like they are a part of their own learning.  I provide opportunities for games and interaction as much as possible! When my students are excited to share what they learned with their parents and siblings, I've done a good job!


Are there any interesting / special projects that your students look forward to?

The students have always looked forward to the science fair as well as field trips.  While it looks different this year, we will have some "virtual" field trips that they students should enjoy.


What surprises you about your students?

The students love to learn!  It truly brings me so much joy as I see them absorb so much knowledge each day!

What is your biggest goal for your students this year?

My biggest goal is to inspire my students, to motivate them so they put forth all they have each day.  Additionally, I want them to leave fifth grade as good citizens and friends to all.


How do you integrate "real life" examples/life skill development into your lesson plans?


I sometimes share my own stories to help them connect their own lives to what we're learning.


What are your goals for your students as they look toward the 6th grade?

My goals for my students as they look toward the 6th grade is to help them become independent learners.  As they head toward middle school I'd like them to take more ownership for their work.  Additionally, I want them to move forward to confidence and self-esteem, trusting that they can do great things!


How do you help your students prepare for the 6th grade? 

I will continue to provide my students with challenges and opportunities to grow.

What do you hope your students will leave your class with in June (besides the 'classwork' part)?

I really would like my students to feel good about themselves when they leave fifth grade.  I want them all to know and believe that they can accomplish great things; that all they have to do is try their best!


What do you think makes a GCS student a success, and how do you contribute to that?  

The Greenwich Catholic School student is kind and caring.  I work to nurture and foster the positive characteristics that each student has inside.


If you had to sell the GCS to a new student or family what would you say?

From the moment I started teaching at Greenwich Catholic School I was surrounded by an incredibly supportive group of colleagues.  I have felt a part of the GCS "team" from the beginning and am so thankful for all the people I have met.  The curriculum is rich and the community is extremely caring.

What makes GCS stand out?

GCS supports everyone!


What do you like to do on weekends?

On weekends, I love spending time with my most amazing 3 year old daughter, Harper! We go on adventures and explore nature! She is my greatest gift!


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