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Faculty Spotlight - Ms. Miranda Lombardi

Miranda Lombardi

Kindergarten Teacher

Education: B.A., Psychology; M.A., Elementary Education- Sacred Heart University

How is your class structured?

We use center-based learning, and although we’ve made adjustments this year, we’ve found ways to keep the students engaged with each other as they learn. Our Kindergarten curriculum includes STEM projects, and the kids enjoy working with 2D and 3D shapes to learn about comparing/contrasting, as well as other basic math skills needed for matriculation to 1st Grade. 

What are some non-academic goals for Kindergarten students?

At this age, children are learning to relate to one another, so we work on social skills and relationships. The students learn to look each other in the eye, greet each other politely each morning, ask questions and listen carefully. Throughout the year, these skills help build a sense of community within the classroom, and that feeling stays with them as they move to 1st Grade.

What’s special about teaching in a Catholic school?

This is my 3rd year teaching, and each year I am proud of the way that my students see God reflected in their lives. We talk a lot about ways that God can be “seen” each day, and that connection helps with moral development and fosters a solid foundation of faith.

What are some traditions in Kindergarten?

In a typical year, the class would learn about animals and their habitats in Science, and we would visit an animal shelter or aquarium. Although we can’t visit in person this year, we are using virtual field trips to learn more about all types of animals and sealife. We also have a “Puff Ball Jar” that fills up each time the class receives a compliment or is “caught doing good” - when the jar is full, the class is rewarded with a fun activity they can participate in as a class.

What do you like to do when you’re not in school?

I am a NY Mets fan, so hopefully by the 2021 season you’ll find me at a game with my 2 brothers and my dad, and I like spending time outdoors with my Lab-Hound mix named Shea (named after my favorite stadium, of course!). I also like practicing yoga, going to the beach, and visiting Rhode Island in the summer.

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