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Welcome to Third Grade!!
We are going to have a great year together.


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3-M has been busy finishing up our Winter Solstice unit and have worked so hard! I'm very proud of their work and effort.
Next week, we will focus on the Nativity and incorporate it into language arts and art. As you can imagine, the children are getting very excited about Christmas. We have rehearsal for the Christmas show Monday and Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday the children will be tired from Tuesday night's concert. Therefore, it will be a light week in terms of lessons and work with little to no homework.
Bring web quest to school on Monday to work on it in Computer Lab
Home Work for next week:
Monday- math activity and *web quest
Wednesday- math activity and *web quest
Thursday- math activity 
** If the web quest is too challenging for your student, they do not need to finish.
In the past the 3rd graders loved it and that is why I gave it to the children again this year.
If your child is enjoying it, please have them finish and it will count as extra credit.
Enjoy the weekend.

Winter Solstice Party (name change)

Hi Folks!
3-M has planned a Winter Solstice party for you! We hope you can join us after mass on Friday, Dec. 21st.
Hope you can you can be there to celebrate the Winter Solstice with us!

Holiday Cheer!!

Please join 3-M for some holiday cheer immediately after mass on Friday, Dec. 21st. 


Thank you to all the Angels that stopped by our class to meet friends and see where their grandchildren spend 30 hours a week! I love seeing the resemblance between the generations of my students. I hope they all get back home safely.
Next week we will continue our unit on Winter Solstice. We have connected this to science, social studies, language arts, art, math, technology, and religion. On Monday, the children will write 4 facts about Advent- anything they learned in class or at church.
Homework for the week
Christmas Symbol web quest (this will be started during computer lab and then taken home for homework- due Thursday, December 20th or before)
Spelling- 3x each
Math- activity page
Science- study for Earth's Rotation and Revolution test on Tuesday
Spelling- write words in Christmas Colors
SS- Web Quest
Math- activity
SS- review Winter Solstice booklet for test on Friday
Spelling- sentences
SS- Web Quest
Math- activity sheet
SS- review Winter Solstice booklet
Spelling- practice test
Math- activity sheet
SS- Web Quest
SS- review Winter Solstice booklet
There will only be the Web Quest and math for HW the week of Dec. 17th-21st.
Have a great weekend.


3-M will be very busy the next 3 weeks:
Religion- Advent and Nativity (Advent test date TBD)
S.S.- Winter Solstice celebrations/symbols and their connection to our Christmas celebrations/symbols (Test date TBD)
Science - Earth's rotation & revolution and the connection they have with the sun and seasons (Test date TBD)
Math- multiplication Topic 5 and 6, multiplication and division facts- 6 quizzes
Reading and Writing across the curriculum
Spelling- tests every Friday
We are spending every day learning more information about these topics. I will let you and the children know when the tests will be given. Everything on the tests will be taught and reviewed in class, so the children will be well prepared.
Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Spelling/Religion Test

Hi Folks!
There were 7 children out today, so the tests will be taken on Monday. Please have your children study over the weekend.
Enjoy the weekend.


3-M has been busy!  Today the children were archaeologists working in groups to dig in sites for artifacts. Then they put the pieces together. After their busy work digging, they washed their hands and chipped away at the chips in the chocolate chip cookies I gave them.
The archaeology unit will dove-tail into our Native American unit. Next week, we will be going to the Bruce Museum to visit a life-size wigwam and the artifacts found from Native Americans that lived along the Greenwich coast. 
We also started Close reading using non-fiction passages that are related to science and social studies. The math is moving along nicely! 
I look forward to meeting with the parents of 3-M next week!


Hi Folks!
For HW this week:
Tuesday- math activity sheet, spelling - Halloween Colors, read 20 min AND think about their Halloween Narrative: do not write it!!!
Theme- the day I turned into my Halloween costume character
  • What magical/crazy thing happened to turn you into your character?
  • 3 events that happened while you were that character
  • What happened to change you back?
Remember! think of describing words- 5 senses and emotions.
Wednesday- Math-practice math facts, Spelling- sentences, Read 20
Thursday- Math- practice math facts, Spelling- practice test, Read 20 min
No Religion test this week or next week as we are learning about Saints-
Nest week- no religion test or spelling test. No HW on Halloween!


Spelling HW was done in class today so the children can go to the Book Fair event tonight.
Math HW- practice facts
Reading HW- read 20 min- 
Up Coming Tests
Thursday- Bodies of water and landforms test-
On Wed., the children will be bringing home designated work to study from (it's 4 bodies of water and 8 landforms)
Friday- Spelling Test and Religion Unit Test
Wed. the children will bring home a study guide/scavenger hunt the completed today. We will be using it tomorrow in class and then they can bring it home to study.


Hi folks,
Tomorrow the third graders will have a test on the seven continents and oceans. We have been learning, reviewing, coloring, labeling, and singing about the continents and oceans for a week, so they are ready. All students took a practice test today and will have that to study with tonight.
Reading test on Thursday
Spelling and religion on Friday
Please remember to spray paint your child's pumpkin light blue by tomorrow. Pumpkins can be brought in on Thursday or Friday.
Also, we will need colored sharpies and black sharpies to share among the students. If you are out and can pick some up for the class, that would be SO helpful!

Pumpkin Globes!!!

Hi Folks!
Next Friday we will make our pumpkin globes! Each child will need to bring in a small to medium pumpkin that THEY can carry. The pumpkin needs to be spray painted light blue.
If the pumpkin is too big, the project will take to long to finish and the children can't carry it. If it is too small, the children can't draw the continents on it.
If the pumpkin is spray painted a dark blue, the continents won't show up.
If you don't use spray paint, the sharpies won't work and the paint will chip.
Please spray paint your pumpkin by Wednesday, so when it is brought in it is dry and not sticky.
Thanks a bunch !!


Hi Folks!
This week the children will:
- continue learning map skills using smartboard and making lap books
- Tuesday-Math practice-test
Wednesday-Math test 
Thursday- Reading test "The Tree House"
-  Friday- First Friday Mass (Full Dress), spelling and religion test, 1/2 day
HW   - all students should begin practicing multiplication facts- 0,1, 2, 5, 9, 10
Monday- Spelling- 3x each, Math- activity sheet and video, study facts, Reading-20 mins
Tuesday- Spelling- rainbow writing, Math- activity sheet, study facts, Reading - 20 mins
Wednesday- Spelling- sentences, Math- activity sheet, study facts, Reading- "The Tree House"
Thursday- Spelling- practice test, Math- activity sheet, study facts, Religion- review chapter 4


3-M has been learning about Matter. Today the children made models of the molecules in solid, liquid, and gas.  They will bring their models home today (3 small water bottles with few molecules in the Gas container, a medium amount in the liquid container, and a lot of molecules in the solid container.  We used orbs, water beads, to represent molecules. The children also acted out the molecules in solid, liquid, and gas. Lastly, they wrote in their science journals.
We will continue to learn about matter through next week.
Please check your student's HW folder for a note about our new math program and the website that students can use for the home-school connection. If you have difficulty logging on, Kim Higgs kindly offered to help with troubleshooting. Please email her at  Please try to log on with your third graders, as they are excited to use the program at home.
We have first Friday Mass tomorrow- full dress.  Please have your children bring in their decorated Writer's notebooks and Reader Meter tomorrow.
Have a great day.

3-M Home Work

Hi Folks!
The third graders have been pretty busy today! We started right in with word attack skills, reading comprehension, and reasoning skills. I introduced the children to Writer's Workshop and gave them each a writer's notebook, which they can decorate at home- we brainstormed some ways to decorate- duct tape, photos, pictures, stickers- cover the front and back-- due this Friday.
You will also receive a letter about our first math unit- multiplication!! Please read the letter and help your child review the math vocabulary flashcards.  Knowing the vocabulary is half the battle.
I have gone over their Reader Meter, which they will use after they have read for 20 minutes each night. The directions on how to use this booklet are on the first page.  Each week, the Reader Meter and Spelling Journal are due on Friday.
The students will be bringing their homework (HW) folder home today. Their Reader Meter and spelling journal are in it (no spelling HW this week). They will have a planner starting today.
Homework for this week:
Reader Meter- due Friday
Decorate Writer's Notebook- due Friday
Study math vocabulary-every night
If you have any questions please email me.

Field Day

Remember to wear the designated color shirt, gym shorts, and sneakers.  Mrs. Kopas just announced that the children are NOT allowed to paint their hair or face.
Talent Show announcements went home today in HW folder.  If your child would like to participate, please read and sign the form.
Thank you for your support.