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Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Grade level and subject area scope and sequence plans are critical tools for our teachers for collaboration and discussion about academic development from one grade to the next and for framing instructional strategies.  Parent involvement is vital to student success, and our teachers want to make sure parents know what their children are learning and how we engage them. The teachers have worked in teams to develop these curriculum documents, so parents have a quick and easy-to-reference resource to understand what their children are learning, how they are learning it, and how they can reinforce learning at home. 
These documents will evolve continuously as teachers complete post-unit analyses, respond to data, adopt new instructional approaches, create new activities or secure new resources for their classrooms.
Core Subjects K- 8 (click to view each subject area)

English / Language Arts (ELA)




Social Studies

World Languages

Special Subjects (click to view each subject area)



Physical Education

Library K - 5

Technology K - 8

PreKindergarten Quarterly Curriculum