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Rosa Esposito » Personal Statement

Personal Statement

As a child growing up in New England, autumn was always my favorite season, not only for the whistling in of the cool fall air, but because it also ushered in the scent of freshly sharpened pencils in a September back to school classroom with new beginnings. For as far back as I can remember learning was always exciting for me and continues to be so. Lucky me when I made the decision to become a teacher because I felt that I too, was making an investment in the pursuit of a life-long journey of learning. More precisely, I made the decision to become a World Language teacher because in communicating with others I not only teach, but learn.

As a polyglot, I propose to the students to strive to be multi-lingual and a life-long learner of languages in this global economy as well as spiritual trailblazers, well beyond the years of the preK-8 experience. I encourage a backward design approach to the students’ learning process so that they are keenly aware of the targeted end goal, as I guide them to achieve the desired results, leaving ample room for creativity and problem solving. Students thrive when they have clear expectations, are given good-solid learning material with consistent feedback and all the while feeling supported by the teacher.


My mantra, as I move the students forward to embrace original and cutting-edge opportunities, (new experiences being important to me) is savoir-faire with prayerful mindfulness.