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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

If your child arrives before 8:10, they should be in the cafeteria.

Middle School students should be arriving to school after 7:30 unless they have made arrangements with a teacher for extra help. We have seen Middle School students dropped off at 7:15 and walking to the gym. There is no supervision in the gym prior to 7:30 a.m.

The Main Entrance doors will be used for those adults who need to come to the office. If you are coming in to drop off items for the classroom, we ask that you sign in and wear a Visitor Badge. Otherwise, simply drop it in the office and our staff will get it up to the classroom.

Students who arrive to school after 8:25 will enter through the Main Entrance to receive a late pass.

Lastly, for our Preschool families, we kindly ask that you do not return to school to use the facilities after dismissal of your children. School is still in session and our lunch periods fall during those times. 
A gentle reminder to caregivers, parents or adults unfamiliar with the process: if you are in the car line, please do not get out of your car. It holds up the line, but more importantly, it is a safety issue. Also, children should be dropped off on the curbside. If their car seat is behind the driver’s seat, have your child unbuckle themselves as you are slowly making your way through the line so they can hop out onto the sidewalk. There are plenty of adults available to help. Thank you for your cooperation.
Inclement Weather Dismissal
If you are picking up in the car line – when you get in line, give your last name to Mr. Smart. He will call your children to come to the front of the school to the car line. Lower school kids will come out the front door, upper school will walk down the side driveway.
If you are parking and picking up – go to the front office and give your last name to Mrs. Collins. Then proceed to the cafeteria to wait for your children. Your children, both lower school and upper school, will be called down to the front office, and will be told that their parent is waiting for them in the cafeteria.