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Afters & Swim

"Afters" Enrichment Programs and Swimming Lessons

Registration for Fall 2018 Afters Programs AND the Swim Program is now open.

To Register for Afters and Swim, please log into your MSA (My School Anywhere) account and visit the "Store"

Afters and Swim programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some programs are full.

AFTERS ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS AT GCS - Schedule and pricing are below
"Afters" Enrichment Programs at GCS are designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences in the creative arts, sciences, and athletics. Programs for 2018 have been planned based on parent/student feedback and program popularity. 

SWIMMING LESSONS AT GCS - Schedule is below

GCS is proud to introduce our new swim program from Sweet Blue Swim Academy of Greenwich. Sweet Blue Swim Academy was founded by Cristina Teuscher, a two-time Olympian and Gold and Bronze medalist as well as six-time national champion, and by her husband, Amerigo Fabbri, former Dean and Lecturer at Yale University.


Located in Greenwich, CT, Sweet Blue Swim Academy offers the finest education in swimming based on knowledge of and experience in the highest divisions of the swimming world. The distinctive feature that sets Sweet Blue Swim Academy apart from other institutions is its meticulous focus on mastering impeccable technique for all four strokes.


Swimming lessons are priced at $35 per half-hour class. Fall classes are $350 for Tuesdays (10 sessions) and $280 for Fridays (8 sessions).


Sweet Blue cultivates excellence in the water to advance self-knowledge, confidence and resilience regardless of age. We also wish to instill our students with an opportunity to create, within the boundaries of the pool’s walls, their own safe space for learning and reflection. Finally, it is our desire to provide an outstanding service to our community while fostering a lifelong love of water. 

Learn-to-Swim classes have a 1:3 Teacher:Student ratio, and Stroke Development classes have a 1:4 ratio.